What We’re Reading…

HEI staff members share what we’re reading this month. We welcome your recommendations for next month!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tait Kellogg, PhD, Director of Research & Strategic Services
The College Transparency Act – 117th United States Congress, 1st Session
KEY TAKEAWAY: “I am closely following this bipartisan act, which proposes the creation of a national student-level data system—tracking student postsecondary outcomes at institutions nationwide.”

Elexus Robinson, Research Assistant
“The Equality Act and the End of ‘Females'” By Mary Rice Hasson in Newsweek
KEY TAKEAWAY: “Very interesting read that provides a differing stance on the use of the term ‘sex’ within the Equality Act versus the term ‘female.’ It’s an opinion piece published in February 2021, providing a civil critique to how we define the differences between the identities of sex and gender along biological, legal, and moral lines.”

Kate Potterfield, Marketing & Communications Director
“Building Trust: What communicators—and their institutions—needs to prioritize to create a more inclusive campus” by Teresa Valerio Parrot on Inside Higher Ed
KEY TAKEAWAY: “This opinion piece draws on recent studies and best practices to provide insight into ensuring that the voices of students of color are fully heard and valued across college campuses. I’ve always believed that communications work is only as strong as the work it represents—a point that rang true in this piece. Words matter only as much as they reflect real actions to build an environment of trust, inclusion, and equity.”