Insights of the Moment

HEI staff members share what we’re contemplating this month. We welcome your ideas to consider for next month!

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Sylvia Otieno, Research Assistant
Education Design Lab BRIDGES Rural Cohort VIDEO
INSIGHT: “Rural community colleges serve as the backbone for postsecondary education and are economic drivers of small communities across the United States. This summer, we joined the Education Design Lab BRIDGES cohort in Bangor, Maine, to design programs that create new pathways to postsecondary attainment and economic opportunity in rural communities. My colleague Tait Kellogg kicks off this video highlighting the convening and EDL’s innovative approach to designing programs for rural learners.”

Kate Potterfield, Communications and Marketing Director
“An Asset-Based Approach to Understanding College Students as Sources of Support” by B. Tait Kellogg, Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice
INSIGHT: “I’m super proud to share the work of my colleague, Tait Kellogg, who recently published this article on the many forms of support college students provide to their social network, including peers, siblings, and parents. I love the asset-based orientation of this work, as it helps to complete what has mostly been an incomplete picture of many college students by highlighting a core strength: that they are not just recipients of support, but rather the providers of support throughout their lives that prove essential to their unique social fabrics. I think anyone working with college students would enjoy this read!”