Insights of the Moment

HEI staff members share what we’re contemplating this month. We welcome your ideas to consider for next month!

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Patricia Steele, Founder & Principal
“Philanthropy Has Fallen Short in Its Efforts to Make STEM More Diverse—We Have the Tools to Fix It,” by Tashera Gale & Lorelle Espinosa, Inside Philanthropy
INSIGHT: “We have a long way to go in making STEM fields more racially diverse and STEM opportunities more equitable–but as Tashera and Lorelle point out, we have a framework for getting closer. As with so much of our work at HEI, it all starts with asking powerful questions. The right questions can have transformative impacts.”

Kate Potterfield, Communications and Marketing Director
“Sloan Foundation Reports Reveal Individual, Not Systemic Changes in STEM Research and Funding,”
by Liann Herder, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
INSIGHT: “I’m always proud to share pieces that highlight our team’s excellent work. In this article, Herder reviews HEI’s report and our colleague Julie Posselt’s report–and shares fresh insights from both Posselt and HEI’s own Tashera Gale. Several key points emerge, all of which resound with the importance of systemic change and a sector-wide approach. Anyone interested in diversity, equity, inclusion and opportunity in STEM, will find this quick read extremely worthwhile!”