Staff Spotlight: Rob Pagano, Business Manager

HEI invites you to get to know our fantastic staff members. Each month, we highlight a different colleague. This month, learn about Rob Pagano’s expertise and what drives him professionally.

Robert J. Pagano is the Business Manager at Higher Ed Insight. He brings to the firm decades of experience as a finance leader in the professional services and commercial hospitality industries, where he has worked as a consultant, corporate controller, and advisor. Rob believes in the transformative power of creativity and efficiency in the workplace, and he enjoys designing accounting systems and technologies to improve accounting and financial management processes, promote sound fiscal decision-making, maximize corporate profitability, and minimize risk. He considers bringing his expertise to support the mission of Higher Ed Insight as a defining pleasure of his professional life.

What first drew you to work in higher education?

Adding more purpose and significance to my career. No longer are my efforts just making a person or company simply wealthier. My efforts are assisting colleges, universities, and non-profits in helping people, especially underserved communities, get educated.

How would you describe your current work/the work you’re most passionate about?

I oversee most aspects of running a professional services business. Allowing a passionate group of people to remain passionate and focus on more constructive, impassioned and influential parts of what we do.

What gives you hope in the work you do?

The “hope” is evidenced by the recognition and effect of the research and evaluation work. Many of the writings, reports and tables generated by our staff still live in the literature used by our clients.

What is your favorite part of working at HEI and with HEI’s clients?

It’s been said, “when you’re passionate about your work, you never work a day in your life”. I love that the shared objective of education and access to it, unites our staff and clients. That common goal makes many project client/company relationships and logistics easier to navigate most times.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Just so proud of the staff, both operations, support and ownership for the strides we have made over that past year. I’m really looking forward to the bright and effective future waiting for this company.