We help foundations make a difference with their investments through effective evaluation and learning. Today, many funders are taking steps to evaluate the overall effectiveness of their own grantmaking practices and portfolios. In response to these changes in philanthropic practice, our experienced foundation strategic learning consultants and grant evaluation researchers have developed a suite of services designed to assist foundations at various stages of the grantmaking process.

Theory of Change Workshops

HEI’s foundation strategic learning consultants can work with organizations or teams to develop your theory of change in a one-day workshop.

Evaluation and Strategic Learning Plans

HEI can co-create foundation grant evaluation and strategic learning plans at the organizational, portfolio, or grant initiative level, allowing you to assess progress towards goals and use learning from evaluation investments.

Strategic Learning Debriefs

HEI can facilitate annual or end-of-initiative strategic learning consultations for foundations in which organizational staff review evaluation data to better understand what lessons can be learned from the data. Our experience includes data analysis and data summary of STEM initiatives.

Consultation on Requests for Proposals and Grantee Selection

HEI can provide support for RFPs such as assisting program staff in designing an RFP, developing a structured review and scoring approach for proposals, disseminating grant opportunities through professional networks, and assisting with tasks such as the selection of grantees, grantee communications, budget negotiations, and grant question-and-answer sessions.

Evaluation Technical Assistance for Grantees

HEI can work with individual grantees who need support in developing an affordable plan for the evaluation of their grant-funded project. Our foundation grant evaluation services help grantees identify partners locally and at different price points to suit the needs of their organizations.

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