Nonprofits are busy making a huge difference in the world, and we would love the opportunity to support you through effective evaluation and learning strategies. Today, evaluation and strategic learning have become central to the work of nonprofit organizations. In addition to evaluating specific programs, nonprofits often seek to evaluate their organizations as a whole and assess whether or not they are reaching key goals. We have developed a suite of non-profit strategy consulting and data analysis services designed to assist grantmakers with this endeavor.

Theory of Change Workshops

HEI can provide non-profits with strategy consulting services to develop that theory of change in a one-day workshop, with follow-up calls to refine the final product. The final version of the theory of change can be professionally designed for presentation to key stakeholders. HEI can also assist with the creation of a more detailed theory of change for a specific program offered by a nonprofit organization.

Evaluation and Strategic Learning Plans

HEI can assist nonprofit organizations with the development of an evaluation and strategic learning plan at the organizational, team, or program level. Non-profit strategy consulting plans allow organizations to assess progress towards their goals and ensure that learning from evaluation is shared internally and used to inform further action. Final evaluation plans include specific metrics for periodic measurement of outcomes and impact as well as strategies for using the evaluation data internally for decision-making and planning. Our experience includes developing evaluation plans for programs funded by STEM grants from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Labor, and departments of education.

Strategic Learning Debriefs

HEI can facilitate annual or end-of-funding-cycle strategic learning debriefs in which organizational staff review evaluation data to better understand what lessons can be learned from the data. Our non-profit data analysis learning sessions also offer an opportunity to revisit the theory of change and evaluation plan to ensure that both reflect the organization’s strategies and learning needs.

Consultation on Proposals

HEI can provide third-party support for writing funding proposals and reports. For proposals, this support includes assisting program staff in designing a competitive proposal, including assessing evaluation requirements, developing evaluation design and budget, and identifying evaluation partners at different price points to suit the needs of their organization. Support for report writing includes assisting program staff in developing effective ways to present the outcomes of grant-funded work, including the use of charts, graphs, and/or infographics to demonstrate the findings from quantitative or qualitative research.

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