STEM Emphasis

HEI’s Work with STEM

We partner with educational institutions, foundations, and community organizations to apply for, implement and assess programs and evaluate grants designed to improve STEM teaching, learning, and employability.

Our team specializes in assisting with grants from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Labor, and departments of education. Through our STEM education program analysis services, we help realize intended outcomes.

Services we provide:

  • Preparation of grant proposals that include appropriate STEM grant evaluation plans.
  • Review of research and development (R&D) strategies for STEM. HEI can analyze the relevance of a measurement tool and test its validity.
  • Data collection that checks for alignment between proposed activities and those actually engaged. HEI can implement interviews, focus groups, observations, and questionnaires.
  • STEM education program data analyses and summary for formative and summative evaluations.
  • Strategies for broadening participation—increasing the interest, participation, and persistence of historically disadvantaged populations; supporting equity of opportunity.
  • Documentation of grant activities for the purpose of improvement and reporting.

HEI’s approach is to partner with institutions to help them reach their goals. Our STEM education program analysis team collaborates with on-the-ground staff to understand how programs are being executed and to what extent desired outcomes are being achieved.