Tait Kellogg

Tait Kellogg, PhD, is the Director of Research and Strategic Services at Higher Ed Insight. She brings content knowledge in higher education as well as a broad set of methodological skills. Prior to her work as an external evaluator, she worked internally doing research and evaluation at Tulane University’s Center for Public Service. Tait’s aim is to provide useful, asset-based evaluation and facilitations. In a previous role as the data analyst at a college access non-profit, she learned firsthand the challenge of understanding an organization’s impact internally. Tait is passionate about helping universities, non-profits, and foundations conduct research and gain strategic tools that help them work towards their mission. Tait’s dissertation took an asset-based lens to unpack the experience of students from a large metropolitan public-school district as they pursued postsecondary goals while maintaining their ties as contributing members of their home communities. Tait earned her BA from Millsaps College, her MA from Teachers College, Columbia University in Higher and Postsecondary Education and her PhD from Tulane University in the interdisciplinary program City, Culture and Community – Sociology.

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