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Dr. Jennifer King Rice,

Senior Vice President and Provost, University of Maryland (UMd) Former Dean of the College of Education, UMd

About Us

Higher Ed Insight (HEI) is a diverse and woman-owned research and evaluation firm. Our team of passionate researchers works with colleges and programs like yours to improve outcomes and expand opportunities. 

With each client, we develop a custom approach to research or assess topics pressing at the heart of your mission. Through a range of services, we can help you collect and analyze meaningful data to inform your strategic decisions and planning.

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Our services

Custom Research

Market Analysis

Your target economies are always evolving. We help you assess how your programs are meeting current market demands–and we help you build a plan for continual learning to stay ahead of the curve.

Environmental Scan

How can you learn from your peers and competitors? What gaps can you fill? We help you answer these questions and plan accordingly.

Data Analysis for Strategic Planning

Do you already have a lot of data about your students and programs? We can help you make sense of it and help build capacity within your team to regularly interact with and use data for future planning.

Literature Review

What can your institution learn from your colleagues publishing in the field? Are there best practices you can try? New questions to consider? Let us collect this information and help you discern what is right for your school.

Data Collection

What do you need to know? How can you best learn it? Our team of talented researchers is well-versed in the latest and most effective data collection methodologies.

Data Visualization

Too many opportunities for stakeholder engagement or community learning are lost when data is presented in a flat or overly complicated manner. We have a team ready to bring your data to life in fresh, accessible ways that increase audience understanding and buy-in.


What Our Clients Say

HEI has a reputation for rigorous, efficient, and turnkey work.

Louis Soares, Chief Learning & Innovation Officer, American Council on Education

We love HEI’s expertise, style, and the way it partners with their clients. They have extensive experience in our programming priorities; superb client services and responsiveness; practice humility yet are very smart; and are fun to work with.

Jim McHale, President & CEO, Woodward Hines Education

HEI brought a strong base of knowledge to our project. We appreciate their understanding of the research process, partnership with our leadership to solve challenges, vast knowledge of the higher ed landscape, strategic mindset, and commitment to our organization’s strength.

Julie Green, Executive Director, New Futures

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