What We Do

Whether your focus is access, completion, equity, or workforce development, we develop and execute a suite of services designed to deliver measurable results including independent research, evaluation, strategic planning, and data analysis:

Evaluation Planning: Many organizations are tuned into the importance of evaluation, but most are not using it effectively to improve. We offer a series of services to help organizations develop an evaluation and learning plan that is useable and actionable for decisions about your program, staffing, budget, partnerships and stakeholder engagement. Learn more.

Independent Evaluation: Do you have a program, project, or study that would benefit from a third-party evaluation? Perhaps you need metrics to share with funders or board members. Or you suspect that a program could be more effective—you just need to know-how. Our team is ready to provide formative and/or summative independent research or evaluation for any project, including STEM initiatives.

Strategic Planning: Strategic planning* not only helps hold organizations accountable to their missions and budgets, it also helps them leverage limited resources for maximum efficiency and efficacy. Many organizations have a clear overall vision and a competent staff to implement directives; however few have an actual strategic plan that bridges day-to-day tasks and in-the-weeds, detail-oriented work with their overarching vision that ultimately defines success.
*Learn about our Virtual Strategic Planning Services

Data Analysis: Do you have a lot of data—but aren’t quite sure what it’s telling you about your organization or the mission you serve? Or, perhaps, you’re too close to the data and need an independent party to apply fresh eyes and decades-deep expertise to interpret it? We approach data analysis with a keen eye towards making it useable and actionable.

Partnership Facilitation: Through the years, we’ve seen first-hand the power of a well-brokered, complimentary, and well-managed partnership in helping organizations amplify their expertise and reach. We help to facilitate partnerships between organizations in a strategic manner that capitalizes upon the respective strengths of each party; and as an independent facilitator, we help to ensure that shared goals are met in a timely, smooth, and efficient manner.

Meeting Facilitation: Meetings utilize one of our most precious resources as organizations: time. Meetings can either maximize productivity, strategy, and mission fulfillment – or they can distract from and slow down our organizational outputs. We facilitate meetings that have clear agendas, effective leadership, and efficient schedules that leave all participants feeling energized, supported, and ready to take their work to the next level.